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Terms & Conditions

Unimass Holdings Limited is the exclusive developer and builder for planning, implementing and allotment of all facilities of a modern apartment complex, consisting of self- contained apartments, reserved car parking, other features etc described in details in this brochure.

• Applications for allotment of apartments should be the prescribed application form duly signed by the Applicant along with the Booking/ Earnest Money.  Unimass  Holdings Limited has the right to accept or reject any application without assigning any reason thereto.

• On acceptance of an Application, Unimass Holdings Limited and the Allottee will be required to execute an Agreement as per the Company’s format. The Applicant/ Allottee shall then start making payments as per the schedule of payment. Allotments of apartments are made on first come first serve basis.

• All payments of Booking Money, Installments, Additional works and other charges shall be made by account payee cheque, Bank Draft or Pay Order infavour of Unimass Holdings Limited for which respective money receipts will be issued. Bangladeshis residing abroad may remit payments by RT or GS.

• Payments of apartments, car park and all other charges are to be made on due dates. Unimass Holdings Limited may issue reminders to the Allottee but, notwithstanding the issue of reminders, the Allottee must adhere to the Schedule of the allotment.

• In the event of default of any payment of installment as per payment schedule, the Allottee shall be liable to pay delay charges per month as per Bank rate or as advised by Government whichever is higher on that amount of payment delayed. If the payment is delayed beyond 30 (Thirty) days or any conditvion is violated in retaining the apartment booking after agreement, the Company shall forthwith cancel the allotment at its absolute discretion and re-allot the same to any intending vendee without assigning any reason.

• The Apartment plan and General features will be prepared and specified by the Company as per brochure. The Company shall have right to make any alterations in the design or works or shall be able to bring changes or alterations in the apartments or building.

• After completion of the construction of the said apartment, the builder shall give notice to the allottee to take possession of the said apartment within 30 (Thirty) days of acknowledge of the notice. In case of failure on the part of the allottee to take delivery of possession of the said apartment within stipulated time, the allottee shall be liable to pay the builder Taka 1,000/ (One thousand) only per day as charge for protecting and guarding the said apartment.

• The Allottee will pay Transfer Fees, Stamp Duty, Gain Taxes, Registration Cost, Advance Income Taxes, Vat and/or other incidental cost and taxes whatsoever in manner or direction given by the Government subject to actual assessment by concerned authorities before the registration of the apartment.

• After taking over of apartment or the project, the Allottee(s) must consult with Unimass Holdings Limited prior to undertaking any structural or layout changes within the apartment complex. Failure to do so will be at the sole risk of the Allottee(s).

• The Schedule of implementation has been prepared keeping in view both quality and smooth progress of works.

• If by reason of act of God, natural calamity, earthquake, storms, flood, famine, act of enemy, war military operations of any nature, blockade, and for other reasons, beyond the control of the builder, it is not possible to proceed with execution of the project and to complete the construction of the demised apartment, the builder shall inform the allottee accordingly whereupon the parties hereto shall, by mutual discussion and consent, make such additional provisions as may be necessary to protect the interest of both the parties.

• If for any reason beyond the control of Unimass Holdings Limited the implementation of the project is abandoned, Unimass Holdings Limited will refund to the Allottee the Booking/ Earnest Money and Installments deposited with 180 Days from the announcement made to this effect. In this eventuality, the Allottee will not be entitled to any claims or damage whatsoever.

• The Allottee, after full payment of all dues, will elect from among themselves a Board of Management for managing the general affairs in the common interest. Each Allottee must deposit minimum Taka 25,000/= (Twenty Five Thousand) only or any suitable amount determined by the Company for each Allotment of Apartment towards the Reserve Fund for initial common service expenses of the Complex.